Adventures In Faith 2017

Our 2017 Adventures In Faith SpiritGroups studied the book "Radical Optimism" by Beatrice Bruteau. The conclusion to Adventures In Faith will be our Gala Celebration to be held  the evening of December2nd at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat and Conference Center. This is our CommUnity-wide celebration. All are welcome to attend. There will be a catered buffet dinner, music and dancing to the Bert Dalton Quartet, and a silent auction. The proceeds of the auction will go to support our SpiritGroups program in 2018.

Here are a few SpiritGroup photos:

Cathy Valentine hosted this group at the Home of Bill and Adele Glaser. Cathy and Adele are in the front. Back from left to right: Ralph Huber (who wrote the study guide for our SpiritGroups/AIF book study); Alyiah Doughty; Deb Caswell; Nicole and Javier Romero; Bill Glaser; Jim Atwood. Not pictured: Mike Rabun and Heidi Gall. For their social action, Cathy's group is donating shoes to benefit the Desert Ice Figure Skating Club and micro-enterprise in  developing countries.

Jerry and Karol Ryan hosted this group at their home. Pictured left to right: Jerry; Susan McGarry; Jude Byrne; Karol; Annie Chew; Shari Morrison; Ken Creek. (Not pictured Vicky Pavlis, Richard Gutierrez and Wally Anderson.) Several members of this group served dinner at Pete's Place/Interfaith Homeless Center in December.

Rosemary Thompson hosted a group at her home. Pictured here are Susan Lathem; Leslie Davidson; Wanda Brown/ Cynthia Devlin

The rest of Rosemary's group: Pam Rogers; Rosemary Thompson; Ed Devlin; Judy Jaquez. Not pictured: Paula Eastwood. For their social action, Rosemary's group is donating items to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

There were four more AIF SpiritGroups:

Host: Chuck Vokes  Home host: Joseph Rich   Participants: Mike Rabun, Tom Newman, James Barrett, Elia Redfield, and Sue Llewellyn.

Host: Gillian Corcoran   Participants: Tammy Orr, Jim Muirhead, and Yvonne Garley.

Host: Catherine Donavon   Home host: Brendalyn Batchelor and Kathleen Flynn   Participants: Carolyn Doherty, Christine Man, and Lisa Reed. This group made individual contributions to the shoe drive, coat drive and Peanut Butter Caper.

Hosts: Kathleen Flynn and Sylvia Wheeler  Participants: Don MacFarlane, Karon Hanrahan, Jeannie Hoffman, Kristena Prater, Jacquelyn Williams, Aida Rosa Hegenbarth, and Drue Anderson. This group sponsored the coat donations to Santa Fe Public Schools Adelante Program which provides assistance to homeless youth and their families.