Deborah Caswell


It has been such a great honor to have served on the Board of Trustees of Unity Santa Fe for the past 4 years.  I have had the privilege of serving on the Board with such wise and wonderful souls.  I have learned through this experience, not only about these people with whom I serve, but also about the “behind the scenes” workings of our Center, about spiritual approach to conflict, about the importance of maintaining a consciousness of abundance in all things, and so much more.

In this last couple of years, it has become so obvious that our society is in great need of a deeper approach to our spirituality.  I think our Center is well on the way to leading people to a higher conscious, a higher awareness of who we really are. I am very excited about the changes happening in Unity Santa Fe with the spirit groups, the wonderful and vital new youth program, and so much more to come. I look forward to continued participation on this journey with the Board and Unity Santa Fe.

A little about me . . . I am a Nurse Practitioner at the CHRISTUS St. Vincent's Wound and Hyperbaric Center. I live in Santa Fe with 5 dogs, 2 cats, a bird, and 2 fabulous horses. I have 2 handsome, intelligent, talented, incredible sons. And I love being in Santa Fe.