Gong Journeywork with Rev. Todd Glacy

Event Date: 
Sunday, February 11, 2018 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Combining core elements associated with shamanic journeywork, dreamwork, yoga nidra, hypnotherapy and other trance/mystic practices, Gong Journeywork™ is a visioning process that allows us to reach a state of awareness beyond the ego-conscious mind to a space where "inner guidance" or "Higher Self" is more easily accessible. Once this "Journey to the Heart of Stillness" is achieved, all manner of vision, insight, intuition, and knowing become available to help guide us towards true happiness, health, and wholeness.

This gentle and safe self-directed process will help you:

·         Experience deep relaxation and healing

·         Release tension and overcome mental/emotional blocks

·         Access wisdom for insight, guidance and personal growth

·         Reconnect with your true purpose and potential


$30 per person - limited to 15 attendees

To pre-register call 505-989-4433 or

email: catherine@unitysantafe.org

 For more information about Gong Journeywork visit: http://www.sacredsoundandliving.com/gong-journeyworktrade.html