Helen Lane

Helen Lane

(Helen Lane was inducted as a Unity Santa Fe Treasure on Sunday, September 12, 1999)

     Helen was born in Unionville, Missouri. She met her husband Norman there as a freshman in high school. Her mother began reading Unity's Lessons in Truth to Helen when she was twelve years old. For a period of one year, Helen and her mother lived with Helen's sister Vera in Kansas City. Helen began attending a Unity study group that met in Vera's apartment building. She also went to Sunday school there, but did not attend the church. While living in Kansas City, she attended a lecture given by Charles Fillmore. Both Helen and Norman went to Kirksville Teacher's College. Helen left after one year to begin working for the federal government, but Norman graduated and went on to attend the University of Missouri for two years. Norman belonged to the National Guard and he was called to serve in the Army before the United States entered WWII. Helen and Norman were married three months after he joined the Army, in March 1941. They were stationed at Camp Robinson, Arkansas, where they visited when Norman was on leave. Norman's was one of the first units to go overseas after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After serving thirty months, he arrived in France four days after D-Day and was killed in West Germany on March 16, 1945, only two months before the end of the war.

     Helen continued working for the Farmer's Home Administration and did a lot of traveling. While living in Indiana and working for the BLM at the Department of the Interior, Helen heard about a job opportunity in Albuquerque. She moved there with her mother in 1951 and in 1954, they moved to Santa Fe. Her mother lived with Helen until her death in 1969. It was after her mother's death that Helen began ballroom dancing. She had never danced before, but had always wanted to. She traveled to Albuquerque two or three times a week to enter dance competitions. The pictures and trophies that fill her living room are a testimony to the level of expertise Helen achieved and the joy that dancing gave her.

     Helen retired in 1975. She "sampled some churches first before I settled on Unity." She began attending Unity Church in 1976. She was asked to serve on the board after only two or three months of attending church and served off and on the board for years, most recently as its president in 1998. Helen worked at the Shelby Street bookstore. She was both worship assistant and platform presenter during Charlotte Prossen's ministry. She hosted prayer meetings in her home. The surgical repair of a detached retina left her eyesight impaired. Helen now provides mostly financial support to the church, but she continues to serve as "bulletin" angel on Friday and never forgets the Sunday every month that is her Sunday to bring cookies to the hospitality table.

     Helen also belongs to the Pilot Club, an organization that performs charitable community activities. Helen has been the Club's past president and corresponding secretary and is currently its recording secretary.