Paradiso & Rasamayi - Agape Evolution Tour Concert & Workshop

Unity Santa Fe welcomes Paradiso & Rasamayi. Paradiso and Rasamayi are internationally renowned sound healters with back-to-back Best New Age Album of the Year awards, and an additional four critcally acclaimed, award nominated and international radio chart-topping albums. Carnegie Hall didjeridoo artist Paradiso and singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi bring concerts that are doorways to multidimensional journeys and experience regular reports of transformative experiences. Experience “Ezra” the Kundalini serpent didjeridoo crystal singing bowls infused with crystals including citrine, platinum, morganite, azeztulite, diamond and more. Paradiso and Rasamayi have collaborated in projects and events with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Neal Donald Walsch, Dr. Masaru Emoto and Steven Halpern.

Saturday, July 20 at 7 pm - Paradiso & Rasamayi, Evolutionary Music: The Agape Evolutionary Tour Concert - Accelerate consciousness expansion in this healing concert, transporting you to a place beyond time and perceived limitations. Featuring crystal and aboriginal didjeridoos, chanting, gong, and songing bowls containing ruby, diamond, citrine and more! Click here for tickets.

Sunday, July 21 at 2 pm - Paradiso & Rasamayi, Meet Your Bowlmate Workshop  - An ever increasing number of souls have discovered the vast amplifying and accelerating benefits to transformation, meditation and healing arts practices that singing bowls have. In this workshop you will learn about, meet and learn to play the latest generation: the gem- and mineral-infused Alchemy crystal singing bowls. Alchemy Master Teacher and crystal communicator Rasamayi will facilitate connection with those bowls which can expand and purify your home frequency and supply your energy prescription - your ideal match in singing bowl form: your BOWLMATE- Click here for tickets.