Personal Sessions with Rama Inacio

​The modalities of Sound and Vibration are exceptional. They are bridges which connect the intangible to the physical, which is ideal as our bodily discomforts originate in our energy body before solidifying in the physical body. Vibration is a perfect tool as it bypasses the mind, and tunes the body to a new degree of balance vitality and connection.
Through various techniques, such as toning, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes and other modalities, Rama will support deep healing, clearing and infusing light to your emotional, etheric and physical body. It is a deeply soothing and profound experience.
Rama has had success treating the following physical conditions:
· Anxiety & depression
· Irritable Bowel Syndrome
· Thyroid imbalances
· Acute stomach pain
· Joint pain (knee & shoulder)
· Autism & ADHD
Why have a vibrational healing session if I am not in physical discomfort? This will support you with:
· Balancing and harmonizing the mental, physical and emotional bodies
· Inspiration and birthing new from within
· Abundance and clarity within your creations
· Clearing and dissipating blockages
· Your spiritual development and unlocking your gifts
· Harmonizing relationships
With Rama's loving vibration, you can feel safe to be supported with the next step of your well-being, and illumine the way toward mental, emotional and physical peace.
Exchange: $44 for 30 mins, $77 for 60 mins

Rama offers personal intuitive readings. These sessions are to support you to get to the core of issues that are present in your life, to illuminate areas of flow, strength and opportunity.
There are always energies influencing our lives at any present moment. It supports a sense of peace and alignment to be aware of and work with these energies.
Rama uses a transparent tarot card deck which creates multidimensional images. The readings highlight energies and situations moving through your life at the current time. This approach can illuminate choices and paths available that otherwise may remain hidden.
Rama offers information in a straightforward and gentle manner and always shares with lots of love.
Why have a reading with Rama?
A session with Rama will support you with:

  •     Freeing yourself from blocks, challenges and non-beneficial energy patterns
  •     Aligning the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies
  •     Inspiration and birthing of new projects
  •     Abundance and clarity within your creations
  •     Your spiritual development and unlocking your gifts
  •     Harmony and growth in your relationships
  •     Career and business guidance

Exchange: $44 for 30 mins, $77 for 60 mins