Singing Bowls Healing with Kate Fotopoulos

If you want to get out of your head and drop into a place of profound stillness and connection, join us for an exploration of sound, energy, and other vibrational healing modalities. We use the Special Alchemy series of singing bowls, which are made from pure quartz crystals melted down and combined with various gemstones and minerals, then formed into beautiful bowls. You don't need any background or experience in meditation, just an openness to "listening" with your whole body.

We will begin with a guided meditation, then you'll be marinated in sound for about 45-50 minutes. For those who want to stay, we will offer gentle hands-on energy balancing.

Please join us. You'll be glad you did.

Kate Fotopoulos has been playing music, dancing, and singing since she was 4. In the mid-'70s, she became involved in the Human Potential movement and holistic health and healing. She finds the two dovetail beautifully