Sonic Ceremony - Sound Healing Journey

Friday, September 20, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Sound Healing Journey

This Sonic Ceremony is an Alchemy of Shamanic and Contemporary Sound Healing infused with Love and Divine guidance. A vibrational portal is opened that gives participants deep access to Source, higher consciousness and ancestral lineage, and what is needed for the highest good.

With over 19 yrs. sound healing experience, Three Trees integrates many methodologies and traditions into the powerful SoulMonic (Soul-harmonics) Sound Healing Journey. This is a sound healing blended with a shamanic journey that takes you into a magical rhythmic and harmonic experience, leading to new depths of energetic healing, clearing and awakening...

Using a variety of sound healing techniques and instruments, including the didgeridoo, crystal & Tibetan bowls, vocal toning, ancient chants, gongs, tuning forks, flute, Halo drum/Rav Vast, chimes, and rattles, while focusing on the therapeutic powers locked within the Drum and healing rhythms.

SoulMonic Sound Healing journeys take you into a state of Sacred being, wherein you experience transformative, deep connectedness as you journey into your own personal, multi-dimensional experience.

Click here for general public ticket information. Unity Santa Fe members, please contact the office for ticket information. 505-989-4433.

More about Three Trees - Three Trees, (a name given during a vision quest 19yrs. ago and now his legal name) is a Healer, Teacher, Musician, Artist and the creator of 'SoulMonic™(Soul-Harmonics) Sound Healing ... an integration of shamanic/indigenous, and contemporary techniques, with a focus on love and Divine connection. Three Trees is a Unity chaplain and former Unity music director and has studied music since a child and the mystic/shamanic arts for more than 30yrs.  His music and sound healing offerings have reached thousands from all walks of life around the world. As a musician and sonic alchemist, Three Trees is known for his powerful journeys, and his deep understanding of sound and rhythm as a healing modality. His joyful passion is to share this vast knowledge, and sonic medicine  experience  through his SoulMonic™ Sound Healing Journeys, Workshops, Retreats and Speaking engagements.