Our Spring 2018 SpiritGroups will begin with a Connection Event following Sunday service on April 15th. You will have the opportunity to speak with our group leaders (Hosts) about the focus of each group and sign up for the group that calls to you. Group meetings will begin the week of April 22nd.

Registration for Spring 2018 SpiritGroups has closed. Our next SpiritGroup session will be our Fall Adventures In Faith beginning the last Sunday in September. Details TBA

What is a SpiritGroup?

SpiritGroups are independently functioning, leader-organized gatherings that bring people together in a spirit of love and support, continuing an ancient spiritual tradition.

At Unity Santa Fe, our SpiritGroups are one way that we embrace and practice our Mission to: Raise Consciousness, Transform Lives, Heal the Planet, One Person at a Time, Beginning with Me.

SpiritGroups are small groups of people who gather together around a common interest in private homes or public venues. Each group has a Host who facilitates the group activity. Hosts go through specific training in order to lead a group as well as be able to identify and encourage others in the group who would be potential Hosts and Leaders. Leaders are people who have hosted one or more groups and assist the SpiritGroup Coordinator in training and mentoring future Hosts.

The purpose of our SpiritGroup program is to: inspire Infinite connections through healthy, balanced small groups.

A healthy, balanced SpiritGroup will demonstrate these five Spiritual Disciplines:


Group members grow through personal reflection, prayer, and/or meditation time. Communion means "with unity." It builds awareness of a sacred purpose for each individual and a shared mission as a group.


Group members cultivate fun and fulfilling relationships with each other. Group gatherings contribute to the development of meaningful friendships.


All members proactively seek to support and care for each other in times of joy and times of challenge.


Groups enrich the community by choosing to serve together in ways that benefit the local, regional, national and/or global community.


Members proactively apply what they are learning through their group gatherings. Members encourage each other to set goals and share their intentions for growth. The group provides non-judgmental accountability support to help each other progress toward these intentions.

These five disciplines are specific spiritual practices that work together in support of our soul's growth and evolution. our goal as individuals, as group leaders, and as a spiritual community is to maintain balance in each of these five areas.

SpiritGroups meet over a 10 week period

Week 1

Connection Event - This takes place on a Sunday at Unity Santa Fe. Hosts are available to talk with congregants about the group activity they will be leading. (Past groups have included book study, meditation, Reiki, singing, and discussion groups on such varying topics as animal spirituality, holistic healing, personal spiritual journeys, Infinite Love, and more.) Participants will be able to sign up to join the group of their choice.

Weeks 2 - 7

SpiritGroups meet (In the course of this 6-week period, groups will discuss a particular Social Action project they will implement in week 9.)

Week 8

In-group potluck celebration and appreciation

Week 9

Social Action project

Week 10

All-church potluck celebration after Sunday Service at Unity Santa Fe.

Any questions? Contact SpiritGroup Coordinator Catherine Donavon at 505-820-9258 or email catherine@unitysantafe.org