Summer Speaker Series

Join us every Sunday at 10:30 am for our Sunday service. Youth and UniTeens meet at 10:30 am. Stay after service for our Endless Possibilities Potluck. Below is a list of Sunday topics.

Dear USFe Family,

On Monday, July 22nd, I began my annual 5-week sabbatical to renew my body and mind while deeply consciously connecting with my Spirit. Unlike an academic sabbatical, which usually involves research, writing and publication, the objective of my ministerial sabbatical is revitalization of my heart, mind and body to ensure I remain in "fit spiritual condition." This sacred experience is birthed in simple things including mindful breathing and conscious awareness of what's happening in the moment, deepening my conscious connection with my Divine Nature, visioning, stillness, practicing gratitude, and blessing myself and others. A sabbatical is a living prayer, for me as senior minister, and for our entire community. It affirms and grows the relationship between us as you step more deeply into mission-centered partnership with each other.
In my absence, I know you will enjoy the five-week Summer Speaker Series featuring a different dynamic guest speaker each week.

With love and blessings,

Rev. Brendalyn

PS - On my first Sunday back, September 1st, I look forward to lots of holy hugs, handshakes and Namaste blessings as we celebrate community partnership and growth.

2019 Summer Speaker Series
Sundays, 10:30 am

Sunday, July 28th
– In Rev. Brendalyn’s absence, Centers for Spiritual Living minister, Rev. Duchess Dale will be our guest speaker. Her message is titled, "Summer Sizzle." Turning on your sizzle is not about the weather, it’s about whether you are being your biggest, baddest, bestest Self this summer and how to allow that to happen!” Special music by Lyndsey McAdams. Watch the video.

Sunday, August 4th– In Rev. Brendalyn’s absence, founder of The Chi Center, Master Mingtong Gu will be our guest speaker. His dharma talk and healing session, "Wisdom Healing Qigong for Greater Health and Happiness” will show you the path that unites consciousness and energy, a  union he calls “energy wisdom” to connect the mind with the body and awaken us to the fullness and interconnectedness of life. Special music by Chris Chickering. Watch the video.

Sunday, August 11th – In Rev. Brendalyn’s absence, our Associate Minister for Pastoral Care, Rev. Kathleen Flynn’s message “What Would Myrtle Do? . . . ‘Minding' our health” will support you in considering a greater potential that you can embrace in your everyday life. Rev. Kathleen will be sharing the wisdom of Unity Co-Founder Myrtle Fillmore and current day mystic Dr. Joe Dispenza. Special music by Catherine Donavon. Watch the video.

Sunday, August 18th– In Rev. Brendalyn’s absence, healer and creator of the Healed by Spirit modality, Brian Kurtz, will be our guest speaker. Brian’s message "The Conversation" will support you in gaining ready access to your soul whenever you need it.  Divine Wisdom and Infinite Supply live here. Watch the video.

Sunday, August 25th – In Rev. Brendalyn’s absence, body-oriented Process Therapist, group facilitator, and retreat leader Stephanie Roy will be our guest speaker. Her message "Parting of the SEE - how the knowledge of Good & Evil changed how we saw everything" will support you in contemplating the origin, impact and necessity of initially seeing yourself as “separate.” Special music by the Joyful Sound Singers Choir.