Sunday Sunset Mindfulness Meditation & Dialogue

Sunday Sunset Mindfulness Meditation & Dialogue, Sundays April 8th thru June 24th, 6-7 pm

Led by Rev. Brendalyn Batchelor and Rev. Kathleen Flynn

Required text: Living Originally by Robert Brumet. Available in our Revealing Word Bookstore

This gathering is for you if you'd like to:

  • be grounded and focused
  • be fully centered in your body, heart & mind
  • be strengthened in emotional circumstances
  • be clear and on purpose
  • have more mental clarity in decision making
  • be more in charge of your life
  • be living more in alighnment with your divinity

On June 24th, Sunset Sunday Service Mindfulness Meditation & Dialogue service will focus on Practice 10 and Chapter 12 “I Am the Author of My Life" of Robert Brumet’s book, Living Originally.