Suzanne 'Sue' Jordan

Suzanne 'Sue' Jordan

(Sue Jordan was inducted as a Unity Santa Fe Treasure on Sunday, September 12, 1999)

     Suzanne Jordan and her husband Walter moved to Santa Fe on May 12, 1949. They had met in California and married in Reno, but the irrigation systems in Nevada aggravated Walter's asthma. He had lived in Santa Fe before he met Sue and they moved here because he felt better in the New Mexico climate. Walter began working as a mechanic for Santa Fe Motor Company. Sue was a bookkeeper for Slade's Dairy Processing Plant. Slade's became Foremost Dairy. Mr. Slade started a heavy equipment operation with his brother. They hired Walter to maintain the equipment in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, where they were grading oil well sites for Conoco. Sue and Walter moved to Cortez.

     In 1958, Walter read an article about the equipment rental business and in 1959, Sue and Walter bought a United Rental franchise in Santa Fe. Their first building was on Cordova Road, east of Maria's restaurant. In 1961, the landlord sold half the lot to Standard Oil and Sue and Walter bought a second lot west of Maria's. Sue was working as a secretary at Santa Fe National Bank until their first child, Charles, was born in 1963. Daughter Kathryn was born in 1967. Sue worked at the rental store with Walter. However, Walter's health began to fail. He died of emphysema in 1972. Sue kept the business going for another ten years, changing the name to The Rental Place. She began working for contractor Sean Gilligan in 1982, and working now for Adobe Corp., continues to work for Sean one day a week.

     Sue began attending Unity services because, "I wanted the church experience." She has been the driving force to do what needs to be done and is always willing to fill in when there is no one else to do something. Besides offering the church a place to meet without charging them in 1986, Sue has served on the board "off and on" as member, president, and treasurer. Her many other volunteer contributions include keeping track of supplies, hosting the hospitality table, running the overhead projector, and singing in the choir. She facilitated The Quest discussion group until one year ago [1998]. She has hosted meetings and discussion groups in her home. Sue is a careful historian and she made many contacts with past and present church members to faithfully document the history included here.

     (Sue continued to host the hospitality table and rarely missed a Sunday service until her passing in November of 2015.)