Dreams, Visions & Apparitions Workshop with Rev. John White

Teachings of the Angels presents

Dreams, Visions & Apparitions Workshop

Fee is $30. Pay at the door - reservations not required

The Dalai Lana teaches that when you are dreaming, and you are aware that you are dreaming, you can learn to consciously manifest and play within your dreams. Learn to work with and understand the Dream Body and Soul Traveling.

This workshop will assist you initiating visits with loved ones in Spirit, ancestors, spirit guides and teachers. You will also learn to time travel into other dimensions and experience future possibilities in your lucid dreams.

Rev. John White is an international lecturer and gifted medium who resides at the Lily Dale Spiritualist Community in Lily Dale, New York. John has been teaching for thirty-five years and is the Vice President of the Spiritual Science Fellowship based in Montreal, Canada. He will be traveling for his second time to Santa Fe this year. Join us for a great opportunity to learn from one of America's finest Spiritualist teachers and mediums.

For more information visit: www.teachingsoftheangels.com