2019 Adventures In Faith

Unity Santa Fe Adventures in Faith 2019
“Blessing As A Spiritual Path”

Begins Sunday, September 29

This year, the focus of our Adventures in Faith (AIF) is “Blessing as a Spiritual Path.” The heart of AIF is the weekly small group “Soul Circles” where we meet to support, nourish and inspire one another to live the spiritual principles in Pierre Pradervant’s book, The Gentle Art of Blessing.  

About the Author and the Book - Pierre Pradervant is the author of our 2019 Adventures in Faith book The Gentle Art of Blessing. From his Geneva home Pierre is active as a writer, speaker and workshop facilitator, helping people to live simpler, yet richer, more contented lives. His work provies personal development tools that empower people to strengthen their internal anchors and advance on their spiritual path

This book was originally written in French and has been translated into Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish and Slovene. It won the 2010 Gold Nautilus Book Award for Spirituality.

Add to the Energy - Each Sunday, Rev. Brendalyn will speak on the week’s theme and you are encouraged to add to the energy of our ascending through the chakras by wearing the color of the week:

Sunday, September 29 - RED

Sunday, October 6 - ORANGE

Sunday, October 13 - YELLOW

Sunday, October 20 - GREEN

Sunday, October 27 - BLUE

Sunday, November 3 - INDIGO

Sunday, November 11 - VIOLET or WHITE

This book gives us a simple (but not easy) spiritual practice to put feet on our Unity Santa Fe mission to raise consciousness, transform lives, and heal the planet. As we study and live The Gentle Art of Blessing we reach a higher level of living as blessing!