2023 Adventures in Faith - Participants Signup

2023 Fall SOUL Circles - Adventures in Faith 

The last day to sign up for Adventures in Faith is Sunday, October 1st!

Week of October 1 and through the week of November 12

The Gift of Imperfection Book Cover

For our Fall Season of SOUL Circles known as “Adventures in Faith” everyone  is invited to join one of our groups and study Brene Brown's NY Times bestseller, The Gifts of Imperfection together as a community!  

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Dear Fellow Travelers:

We will experience a spiritual journey of spiritual growth, openness, unity and love as we study, share, and self-examine in our Unity Santa Fe SOUL Circles.  Know that there are no right or wrong questions or answers. There is only the Truth, as you come to understand it working in and through your life experience.  Stay open to the wisdom of Spirit, experience the love in your group, and trust your inner guidance.

SOUL Circles are experiential gatherings of soul companions who:

  • Support, nourish and inspire one another's spiritual journeys.

  • Nurture a prayerful healing-consciousness.

  • Hold each other in prayer during the week.

  • Receive from this time of spiritual growth as much as everyone is willing to give.

  • Stay present to the process for each other.

  • Value personal insights and let go of expectations.

We celebrate your participation and resultant spiritual deepening!

With great gratitude and love always,
Rev. Liz 


Each AIF group this fall will participate in Community Action contributing through prayer, volunteering and/or donations to the cause of their choice.