Catherine Donavon

Assistant Secretary / Alternate

I joined Unity Santa Fe in 2011 and began serving as the Choir Director/song leader/ soloist. Eager to learn all I could about Unity principles, I attended many of Rev. Brendalyn’s classes. In 2014, I began working in the office as the Communications and Marketing Director and continued through late fall of 2018. During my tenure, in addition to my regular duties, I was coordinator for our Spirit Groups which later became SOUL Circles. Other tasks included booking and organizing special events, coordinating the Sacred Service teams, serving on the Flower Team, and most personally and spiritually rewarding, being a Prayer Chaplain.

When the opportunity to join the Board of Trustees arose, I was more than willing to offer my service. I believe my years working in the office have given me some unique insights into the inner workings of USFe that will be of value as a Board member especially as we enter this time of transition as Rev. Brendalyn prepares to retire. It is a critical time for our Community, but one that will offer us the opportunity to rise to the occasion and grow in grace through the process.

I receive so much joy in being of service to the people of Unity Santa Fe who have given me an abundance of love and support, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to give back.