Celebrations and Prayer Requests

Each week at our Sunday Service, we invite congregants in the sanctuary and on Zoom to share their celebrations and prayers. These are added to our weekly prayer request email so that other members and friends can share in your joys and pray for your concerns. If you have a prayer request that you would like added to the list, please send it to Peg Durkee at: pegsunitysf@yahoo.com

Last week's celebrations and prayers:

Karen R. celebrates that the Unity Santa Fe Birthday donations now total $3390. We are prosperous!

Nicole celebrates the first USFe Youth Program teen meetup at the Alley for free pool for ages 14 - 18. Bless our USFe Youth!

Debbie B. celebrates that her best friend is coming to Santa Fe to visit with her husband.

If you have an urgent prayer request, please contact admin@unitysantafe.org.