Coordinated effort in Santa Fe to match people with resources with people in need during the lock down.

While we are all in lockdown, due to COVID 19, here's a useful link that you could use!

Times seem really wild and unpredictable right now and we can isolate and hoard or possibly find a way to stay in community and help each other out. Safe distancing is important, but so is solidarity.

Here's the idea: pair those in need in Santa Fe with those able to help by filling out this form. We'll do our best to match offers with requests.

This effort was launched by Raashan Ahmad/Beth Gutelius two community members who teamed up with organizers with Earth Care YUCCA/Red Nation/Santa Fe DSA/Fathers NM. The network now includes hundreds of volunteers including a hand-full of dedicated intake callers - who call every person who makes a submission so that we can connect you, our fellow community members, to all the resources we know of as well as the resources of the network.

This is a people-powered initiative by and for ALL people in our community regardless of race, creed, country of origin, immigration status, gender, sexuality, etc. We believe in the practice of solidarity and principles of equity and economic justice and are excited to be sharing and redistributing resources in this time of need.