Couples Soul Connection Workshop with Brian Kurtz

Couples Soul Connection Workshop with Brian Kurtz

Thursday, August 15, 7 - 9:30 pm

We all know “Namaste” loosely translates as “That which is Divine Light in me sees and acknowledges that which is Divine Light in you.”  Ready to experience this with your partner any time you wish?  How about with everyone else in your life?  Are you ready to deepen and transform your relationship with your partner?

Brian Kurtz (MS, Healer, Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church, not Licensed Unity Minister), Reiki Master, receiver and teacher of the Healed by Spirit™ modality) is a teacher and light worker who calls in Spirit’s power and love to heal.  For more than 35 years, Brian has been a vehicle through which Spirit has healed people with a wide variety of conditions—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Brian’s Healed by Spirit™ modality includes chakra and life-history energetic residue clearing, specific-issue healing, and divinely-channeled counseling.

In this workshop specifically created for couples, Brian will lead you through exercises which enable you to recognize and set aside thoughts which are barriers to true connection.  You will deepen your connection to your own true Essence and truly connect with that Essence in your partner.  You will leave this workshop with an authentic bond and specific tools allowing you to “remember” and recreate this Sacred Space bonding at will.

This specially priced event for Unity Santa Fe congregants and their friends is Thursday night August 15, 6:30-8:30pm, and made available for only $100/couple group rate. Normal price for the in-home privately held workshop is $250/couple (notes will be sent via email afterward). Please contact the Unity Santa Fe Office at 505-989-4433 or register directly with Brian Kurtz using PayPal.