Janine Jones

Assistant Treasurer

I have been a member of Unity Santa Fe for 15 years serving as the Facilities Team Leader and the Big Screen Team Leader. It has been several years since I served as Vice President on the Board of Trustees. I feel it is time once again to put feet on the saying “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and receive without forgetting”. I have been receiving countless gifts of friendship, spiritual nourishment and sanctuary from this church and its community. Serving on the Board will represent one small act of showing my appreciation and gratitude for all that I have received and all that I have yet to receive.

I feel I bring a variety of skills from my varied history in banking, resort/hotel management, business ownership, commercial/residential design/construction, Real Estate development and land conservation/ranching.

I believe that serving on the Board is not an obligation but an honor, a privilege and my duty as a member of Unity Santa Fe.