Medium Nicole de Haas - Workshop

Teachings of the Angels present medium Nicole De Haas workshop "The Whole Medium"

Sunday, September 22 from 2 - 5 pm







International Medium Nicole de Haas has a classical training in teaching and mediumship.  She completed a 3 year advanced vocational training at the Academy for Mediumship in Naarden, Holland and she also completed a 4 year program to be certified as a Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.  Nicole runs her own center – The Center for Mediumship and Training in which she teaches mediumship, public speaking, healing and personal development classes.  She also is a teacher and course organizer for the training classes at The Zwanenhof Spiritual College in addition to teaching in England, Finland, Germany and Italy.

The process of Self-Realization begins by remembering who you truly are. Please join Nicole for this workshop where the focus is on YOU as an ever-evolving human being.  As a medium, healer and ambassador for Spirit you have a lot of responsibility in what you do, what you are and what you give to this world and the world of Spirit.

During this workshop we take a look at the purpose of mediumship but also we will have an honest look at the problems in mediumship, the relationship between you and the Spirit World and your pathway in mediumship.  You have a power that knows the way and if we awaken to that power within, your work for the unseen world will be illuminated.

Hosted by Tom Newman, 505-438-2098