Mindfulness Meditation with Rev Brendalyn

Mindfulness Meditation
On and Off the Cushion 
Improving your life, one moment at a time...
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm as I offer you the opportunity to experience this life-transforming introduction to Unified Mindfulness Meditation!
 You’ll learn how to:
·     Break through your barriers
·     Bring the benefits of meditation into all aspects of your life
·     Practice mindfulness throughout your day
·      Get through challenges and deepen your fulfillment in life’s littlest moments and in your major triumphs
This class if for you if you are:
·      brand new to meditation OR if you have years of experience in other contemplative practices.
·      ready to more deeply transform your life and advance your happiness quotient
·      willing to commit to actively participate in the lass and to practice at least 10 minutes a day – on or off the cushion.
The Unified Mindfulness system was developed by Shinzen Young, teacher of 50 years, neuroscience research consultant and author of “The Science of Enlightenment.”
Shinzen developed the Unified Mindfulness system, which is currently used in major research on meditation at places like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon, to offer people very clear instructions as well as tremendous flexibility. So, this system is known for both its precision and its adaptability.
Wednesdays, April 28th - June 16th 
@ 10 am
Contact Rev. Brendalyn to schedule for a brief interview to ensure this class is for you: Brendalyn@unitysantafe.org OR 505-577-7573
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