Ministry Transition

Welcome to our Minister Transition webpage! 

After 26 years of dedicated loving service, our dearest Rev. Brendalyn has retired as minister of Unity Santa Fe and is rewiring her life and career!

This situation occurs in the life of every ministry from time to time, which is Unity Worldwide Ministries provides an entire department of people who advise congregations when this occurs.  One thing they have already pointed out is the difference between Succession and Transition. Succession usually occurs when there is a “heir apparent” minister serving a ministry, and the Board, with the support of the congregation, wishes to hire the “heir apparent” minister as senior minister.  As we do not have a “heir apparent”, we will be going through Transition. As we launch our search for a new minister, there will be many opportunities to explore, expand and evolve our vision for our spiritual community.

You may find this video, "When a Minister Leaves", from Unity Worldwide Ministries helpful as we go through this transition.

The Board of Trustees and the Transition Team thank you for being an active partner in our ministry transition. Please affirm and KNOW with us: The right and perfect minister, who embraces our Unity Santa Fe values and embodies Spirit's grand expression for our congregation is serving our spiritual community at the right and perfect time for the highest good of all.

Watch Rev. Brendalyn's announcement from November 11, 2020: “The Mountains Are Calling..."