Ministry Transition

Welcome to our Minister Transition Webpage! We will be updating this regularly so you can keep up with developments.

After 26 years of dedicated loving service our dearest Rev Brendalyn is retiring as minister of Unity Santa Fe and rewiring her life and career!

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to watch Rev Brendalyn's annonucement: “The Mountains Are Calling . . ."

This situation occurs in the life of every ministry from time to time.  One of the many blessings of Unity is that the Unity Worldwide Ministries provides an entire department to advise congregations when this occurs.  One thing they have already pointed out is the difference between Succession and Transition. Succession usually occurs when there is a “heir apparent” minister serving a ministry, and the Board with congregation support wishes to hire the “heir apparent” minister as senior minister.  As we do not have a “heir apparent”, we will be going through Transition. Before beginning our search for a new minister it is imperative we, as a spiritual community, catch Spirit’s vision of who we are without Rev. Brendalyn.

The Board of Trustees has had discussions with Reverend David Mosher.  He is a Unity minister who is a Transition specialist.  On Sunday January 31st he will be giving the message.  After the service, he will be available to answer your questions.  Please plan to attend this special presentation.

As part of capturing Spirit's vision of who we are as Unity congregation without Brendalyn, our 2021 SOUL Circles will focus on transition-related education and enrichment. Please be sure to sign up for one of these, happening the week of January 25th through the week of February 22nd. In addition to helping with Transition, it promises to be an awesome adventure.

Thank you in advance for making this and other transition-related events a priority in order to be an active partner in our mission-centered partnership.

In the meantime the Board invites you to affirm and KNOW with us: Unity Santa Fe is right now attracting the right and perfect minister KNOWing we must “build it” (the minister of our dreams) in consciousness first.

This page is your “go to” for updates as we march forward together in this exciting endeavor.

Should you have any questions, please email us at and we will get back to you just as quickly as possible.

Many Blessings


Tom McCrory

President, Board of Trustees