Soul Circles

"Times of change are times of fearfulness and times of opportunity. Which they are to be for you, depends on your attitude toward them"
From: The Great Physician By Unity minister and author Ernest C. Wilson

Unity Santa Fe SOUL Circles (previously SpiritGroups) are small groups of members, congregants and friends who meet three times a year for 7 weeks. Each group has a Facilitator who offers to lead the group in an activity, book study, discussion group, etc. The group may meet at the Facilitator's home, the home of a Host who is part of the group, or in a public venue. The purpose of SOUL Circles is to offer the opportunity to get to know others in your spiritual community on a deeper level than is possible at the Sunday service or other community activities. SOUL Circles also plan and carry out a Social Action that benefits either the Unity Santa Fe Community or the greater community of Santa Fe through volunteer efforts.

During 2020, we gathered online and will continue to do so until Covid restritions are lifted.

Through our SOUL Circles, we have the opportunity to experience a deeper level of the following qualities:

S - Spiritual Growth: We enrich our spiritual lives through the study and discussion of spiritual ideas as well as spiritually nurture ourselves with our devotion to prayer and meditation.

O - Openness: We open our hearts and minds to share freely our thoughts, beliefs, and stories of our individual journeys. We do this in an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality that warmly welcomes others from the greater community.

U - Unity: We come together to experience and express our Oneness with each other, our human family and indeed, the whole of creation, both material and spiritual.

L - Love: We put feet on the Power of Love through the support we offer to one another in our circles, especially during times of challenge. We also serve the larger community through acts of sacred social service that, in turn, expand and enrich our own lives.

Love one another. As I have loved you, so you are to love one another. -- John 13:34

We have three SOUL Circle sessions each year:  Winter, Spring, and Fall (Adventures In Faith book study).