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Our 2022 Summer SOUL Circles

have been announced! 

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“Miracles can occur and healings will happen”


Dear Fellow Travelers:
We will experience a spiritual journey of spiritual growth, openness, unity and love as we study, share, and self-examine in our Unity Santa Fe SOUL Circles.  Know that there are no right or wrong questions or answers. There is only the Truth, as you come to understand it working in and through your life experience.  Stay open to the wisdom of Spirit, experience the love in your group, and trust your inner guidance.
SOUL Circles are experiential gatherings of soul companions who:
  • Support, nourish and inspire one another's spiritual journeys.
  • Nurture a prayerful healing-consciousness.
  • Hold each other in prayer during the week.
  • Receive from this time of spiritual growth as much as everyone is willing to give.
  • Stay present to the process for each other.
  • Value personal insights and let go of expectations.
We celebrate your participation and resultant spiritual deepening!
With great gratitude and love always,
Rev. Liz & Your Soul Circle leaders and facilitators
Each Soul Circle this summer will participate in Social Action contributing through prayer, volunteering and/or donations to the people of New Mexico affected by the fires and the firefighters who are in the center of the crises.


Summer 2022 SOUL Circles:

1. "Gong Meditation"

Facilitator:  Rosemary Peters

At Unity Santa Fe Sanctuary (Socially distanced) Group limited to 20 participants.

6 Sunday Evenings, 6:00pm to 7:15pm, June 26 - July 31

Gong meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing.  This practice is also sometimes referred to as a “gong bath” because participants are “bathed” in meditation gong sound waves.
Some of the most common potential benefits of gong meditations include:
● Reduced stress
● Relief from anxiety
● Better sleep (this is one of the most cited benefits!)
● Released emotional blockages
● Better mood
● Improved focus
● Mental clarity
● Creative insights
Each week, guided meditations, yogic breathing techniques, and gentle movements prepare you to enter a state of deep relaxation.  Most people who participate in gong meditations are lying down on meditation mats.  You can also lie down on the pews or if you prefer, remain in a seated position.  A pillow and a blanket can help aid your comfort.

2. "Let’s have Lunch! Let’s share from our Hearts!"

Facilitator:  Bill Glasser

At various locations in Santa Fe.  Group limited to 5 participants.

6 Lunches, Every other Monday, June 6 - August 15

“Let’s have Lunch! Let’s share from our hearts!” Each meeting, each participant will be given the opportunity to share something that touches their heart (a reading, a piece of art, an experience, a poem or a dream).  Anything that speaks to them of Truth and that we can respond to in discussion.
We may not have time for everyone’s share each week and there may be times when you don’t have something.  That’s OK.  We will meet for lunch every other week starting the first full week in June.  Time and location to be determined.  I’m suggesting Mondays, but that can be changed to meet our needs.

3. "Art & Spiritual Storytelling"

Facilitator:  Susan Latham

 Various in-person locations in Santa Fe TBD.  Group limited to 5 participants.

4 Tuesday Evenings, August 2, 9, 23, & 30  

This Soul Circle will explore our spiritual journeys through art and personal storytelling.  Our meetings will be in person.  The locations will vary depending on the suggestions in the group.  We will be able to tell our individual sacred story and uncover details about what brought us here.  We will draw and speak about people and places on our journey and share them with them in a safe, small and confidential circle with other spiritual travelers.

4. "Book Study: The Slow Down Diet By Marc David"


Facilitator:  Kristine Baker

Group majority input will determine meeting day, time and location.  Both on Zoom & in person.  Group is limited to 8 participants. 

8 Wednesday’s, 10 am – 11:30 am, June 8th - July 27th  


“This book has helped me to change my whole relationship with my body and it is full of ideas worth sharing!  That’s why I am offering this Soul Circle." - Kristine Baker

Metabolize All of Life Better by having a deep, happy and healthy connection with your SPIRIT, BODY, EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS for greater Energy, Pleasure and Aliveness in every area of your life.  Myrtle Fillmore healed her body with Prayer. Are you feeling like you need a boost beyond prayer to have more energy, enthusiasm, joy and health in your life?  I am too, so I am offering this Soul Circle to help myself and others enjoy life more.
We will have fun bringing more vitality and health to our one precious life by learning about:
The Metabolic Power of Eight Habits: Relaxation, Quality, Awareness, Rhythm, Pleasure, Thought, Story and the Sacred.
We will use the insights from the book: The Slow Down Diet by Marc David.  It is not your usual 'diet' book!  No food plan is recommended.  Our group discussions will bring out our innate wisdom to inspire each other with fun life hacks.

5. "Being Fully Awake and Relaxed: Living a Problem-Free Life"


Facilitator:  Ralph Huber

Via Zoom

6 Thursdays, 9:30-11AM, July 14 - August 18

In this powerful six-session SOUL Circle, we will experience problem-free living as our fully awake and relaxed True Self by…
  • knowing who we really are, as pointed to by the sages and mystics over the ages;
  • alleviating our psychological suffering when we release “I/others/life should be different” stories that take us out of resonance with our True Self;
  • accessing the wisdom of a grateful heart to guide us in how to most compassionately and authentically respond in challenging situations.
  • To support us in our exploration together, we’ll be reading selections from Byron Katie’s newest book A Mind at Home with Itself.
“Byron Katie’s work is a blessing for our planet.” --Eckhart Tolle
Your personal invitation: Take advantage of this “living problem-free” opportunity to be fully awake and relaxed as our True Self.
“Every time you question your stressful thoughts, you become a clearer, kinder human being…until one day it occurs to you that you haven’t had a problem for a very long time.” --Byron Katie

6. "Exploring Sacred Spaces"

Facilitators:  Marlene & Tom McCrory

Various Sacred Spaces and Locations in and around Santa Fe (see below).  Group limited to 8 participants.

4 Saturdays, 9:30-11AM, July 9, July 23, August 13, & August 20  

Our Soul Circle will visit “ sacred spaces” in and near Santa Fe.  It is an opportunity to meet together, meditate, and explore a few of the places that showcase creativity and inspiration through nature, art and architecture.
Format: Our format is both experiential and meditative.  We will have time to get to know each other and explore the beauty and creativity around us.  Our group will make time both for silent reflection and conversation.  We will focus on Being Present and Aware of what inspires, touches our hearts and souls and where we find joy and peace.
Dates & Places:
  • July 9 St Francis Basilica (gardens, chapels) & Our Lady of Guadalupe (12 minute walk)
  • July 23 Canyon Road Galleries & view Alex Watts’ work.  Meet on Canyon Road Place TBD
  • August 6 The Labyrinth at Museum Hill, Botanical Garden* or Folk Art Museum*
  • August 20 Shidoni outdoor sculpture gallery in Tesuque
Note: If you are unable to attend a session, please let us know in advance.  There is mild to moderate walking with places to rest.  Lunch with the group afterwards is optional. (*Entrance Fee)


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