Spiritual Psychology and Sacred Medicine - Presentation by Dayna Dunbar 😇

An Awakening and Healing Alchemy Presentation by Dayna Dunbar, MA, Spiritual PsychologySpiritual Psychology and Sacred Medicine Flyer

Thursday, June 20th, at 6pm 
at Unity Santa Fe 

Admission: Love Donation

The cutting edge of psychology, healing and awakening combines the use of sacred medicines with professional counseling. This alchemical pairing has been proven in legal clinical trials to have profound outcomes for people stuck in patterns of trauma, PTSD, addiction, and fear of dying. It also supports overcoming plateaus on the awakening path. In this talk, Dayna will present some of the science, psychology and spirituality of this profound work as well as share case studies of clients who have gone through this process. There will also be plenty of time for Q and A, so please bring your specific questions (in person only). 

Dayna Dunbar is a counselor and sacred ceremony practitioner who has a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica (2001). She has been a spiritual and therapeutic counselor since graduation. Having healed herself of PTSD, Dayna shares the psychological modalities as well as the shamanic and awakening practices that have helped her and her clients in profound ways. 

"I came away from my sessions Dayna with a tangible and clear sense of my own true self, and a new-found ability to grow beyond what was holding me back, into becoming the person I truly am.  In a real sense, it feels like my life has begun anew after the help I received from her."

-Doug R. 

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