Teachings of Angels presents: John White "Guides, Angels and Masters” Workshop

Rev. John White is an international lecturer and gifted medium who residesat the Lily Dale Spiritualist Community in Lily Dale, New York. John has been teaching for thirty-five years and isthe Vice President of the Spiritual Science Fellowshipbasedin Montreal, Canada. Hewillbetraveling for his thirdtime to Santa Fe this year.Join us for a great opportunity to learn from one of America’s finest Spiritualist teachers and mediums.Reservations are not required to attend the Spirit Demonstration and Workshops;just show up and pay at the door.

“Guides, Angels and Masters” Workshop

Unity Santa Fe, Monday Evening, February 17,2020, 7 pm to 9:30pm, Fee is $30Join us for a fun evening John will bring greetings and messages from the spirit loved ones and guides of those in the audience. We will have the opportunity to observe one of America’s top mediums connect with Spirit and bring forth their messages.Meet the Cherubim, angels, archangels, spiritual masters and other beings of light who reside in the multi-dimensional spiritual worlds. We all have beings of light who protect and inspire us.In this workshop, you will experience and explore:

Who and what is the Holy Spirit;

How does the Holy Spirit work in your life;

Meditations to understand who your angels are;

Developing your ability to communicate with the heavenly world;

The signs and wonders of Spirit.You will also learn about awakening the Higher Self and how that affects your mediumship; how the Higher Mind thinks; and understanding the language of Spirit.When you know your Spirit Guides, you know what your natural talents are and what your sacred contract is.


Fee $ 30