From Your Board of Trustees:

Hi everybody!  We are your Unity Santa Fe Board of Trustees.  Our membership is:

Tom McCrory – President    

Karen Roberts – Vice President    

Cristina Apodaca – Secretary

Pam Rogers – Assistant Secretary    

Jerry Ryan – Treasurer 

Janine Jones – Assistant Treasurer    

Bob Courtney – Member at Large

Leslie Davidson – Member at Large

Recently, one of our Board members said “You know…we do a lot, but we haven’t been telling the congregation about it!”  So, we decided it would be a good idea to start sharing a monthly summary of what your Board is doing for Unity Santa Fe. 

As this is the first one, and a lot has happened since the annual meeting last March, it’s a bit more extensive than they will be in the future.  If you have any questions or comments we would be delighted to have them.  Please contact our communications specialist, Brendan, in person, by phone (505) 989-4433, or by email: communications@unitysf.org

1) First of all we give thanks to all of you who participate in and are nourished by our Unity services, classes, Soul Circles and other events.  We trust and affirm that these bless you as much as your presence blesses us.  Amazingly, even after almost three years of the worst pandemic in a century, our attendance (in person and on Zoom) is almost exactly what it was before COVID started.  

2) We welcome our new members – Denise Rutherford, Maurice Kuypers, Layla Earnest, Debra Desmond, Valerie Florez, Sandi Decker, and June Bailey.  We are delighted to have your presence in our congregation!

3) In December we celebrate the first anniversary of our new senior minister, Reverend Liz Luoma.  We are so blessed by her presence, her message, her energy and her example.  Thank you Reverend Liz!

4) We thank all of you who act as Sacred Servers on the many teams that perform the essential tasks which make it possible to keep the church running.  In particular, we thank our members who have recently volunteered to serve as Soul Circle facilitators and to run our Zoom Cyber Sanctuary.  Next step – more volunteers for our Sunday service projection team, who make it possible to see everything on the big screen at the front of the church.

5) Update on the Grace Our Space campaign to support the necessary repairs and upgrades - there is wonderful news!
                a) So far you have pledged more than $48,000 and contributed more than $28,000.  Thank you!
                b) The most urgent need, replacement of our venerable HVAC system, has been accomplished!
                c) A roofer has inspected our roof and informed us that the flat roof can be repaired instead of replaced.  This will save the church more than $15,000!  A contract has been awarded and it is scheduled to be completed before winter.
                d) The savings on the roof will enable us to start expanding our audio visual and Zoom service capabilities sooner than we would have been able to otherwise, thus enabling us to reach even more people with our wonderful Unity message.
We so appreciate your generosity!

6) The board is currently working with the New Mexico Department of Transportation regarding a long term lease on the lower parking lot.  This will ensure that as our in-person service attendance continues to increase we will have sufficient parking for everyone who wants to join us.

7) Our 2023 pledge drive is starting today!  This is how we keep the church going financially.  Your generous pledges make it possible to continue sharing our wonderful message with an ever increasing audience.

8) The annual giving for 2022 for our regular expenses is currently about $13,000 below what was budgeted for the year.  In a typical year, we are a few thousand dollars below budget at this time, but this year it’s a bit bigger than usual.

There are just over two months left in this calendar year.  To whatever extent you find it possible to help us bring our budget back into balance we really appreciate it.
9) Finally – it’s hard to believe, but our next Annual Meeting is only four months away.  We have several openings for new Board of Trustee members to take the place of those who are retiring.  

Our Board is blessed to have members with a variety of backgrounds and skills, but who are united in affirming the best for Unity Santa Fe and doing as we are divinely guided to make that our reality.  Please talk to Reverend Liz or a current board member to find out what’s involved and how gratifying it can be to serve the church in this way.

For the Unity Santa Fe Board of Trustees,

Tom McCrory
Board President