Upcoming Sunday Service

Board Induction Sunday, May 15th, 2022 at 10:30 am - Rev. Liz's talk "P.A.T.T.Y.", Online in our Zoom Cyber Sanctuary and in-person.

Dear Beloved Ones,

This Sunday we joyfully celebrate the induction of our new Unity of Santa Fe Board members for 2022!! We are So Blessed to have these individuals step up into an even greater expression of the Divine Love that each one of them truly is.

This month we continue our exploration of the Spiritual Power/Ability that we all have, known as "Understanding." Last week we looked at the important aspect of "Understanding" in our relationships as we seek first to understand others through listening to others with empathy.

Now it's time to explore what happens when we use our Power of Understanding in the greatest ways possible. We'll look at the component of "realization," what this means, and how to get to this state of Understanding. Come join us as we learn the P.A.T.T.Y. program and enjoy a morning filled with uplifting music and a whole lot of love.

Until then, may you know great peace, guidance and grace for all connected to the New Mexico fires, and love for all. 

With great gratitude and love always,

Rev. Liz

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