Way of the Sacred Feminine

WAY OF THE SACRED FEMININE with Deva Vidya & Sharon Silverstein

$40 per person - Tickets available online.

Awaken the Sacred Feminine energy within while accessing your innate wisdom and power. We were born into a world of false paradigms and belief systems that blinded us to our true potential and power. We, in this time, have come to awaken ourselves to this illusion and step into our power as the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. This women's workshop guides you to stand in your power, centered in self-love and acceptance!

This workshop includes:

  • Primal movements accompanied by live drums that aim to ground, center and connect with the Earth and our own bodies.
  • Guided visualization (Shamanic Journey) that brings the participant into relationship and experience with the Divine Feminine energy.
  • A circle of sacred sisterhood that provides a safe container to share thoughts, questions and visions while receiving and giving wisdom, healing and support.
  • Sacred songs and sounds; encouraging the participants to open their voice and create sound vibration that aligns with their Higher Self.

Deva Vidya is an intuitive energy healer, yoga therapist, spiritual coach and published author of Awaken Priestess! Deva's passion is leading women to stand in their power and live life to their highest potential. Deva leads retreats and workshops in the "Way of the Sacred Feminine" where she calls the Tribe to hear and heed the call to reclaim their power and awaken to their innate truth and wisdom. More info about Deva.

Sharon Silverstein is an accomplished, international singer/songwriter, sonic sound healer, retreat leader and Yoga instructor. Sharon enjoys moving people to a greater self-awareness and unity using multiple instruments including her voice for Sonic Sound Healings.

More info about Sharon Silverstein.

More info about the work Deva and Sharon provide together at: www.wayofthesacred.com