Carl Wofford

Carl Wofford was inducted as a Unity Santa Fe Treasure on Sunday, September 12, 1999.

Carl Wofford was born and raised on a farm in Camargo, Oklahoma. He joined the Army before he got drafted. He went into the Army as a truck driver and was trained in communications. His unit's assignment was to string telephone wire across Europe. Carl spent eight months in England and six months in France before he was scheduled to return to the United States. Then Japan surrendered and his unit had to pick up telephone wire all over France. He was discharged in Arkansas and returned home for a year. His brother had a small farm on Aqua Fria Street in Santa Fe and invited Carl to New Mexico to help him on the farm. Carl took him up on his offer.

He met and married his wife Mildred in 1947. He began working for Broome Furniture, where he stayed for thirty-two years. They sold out to Leishman's and Carl stayed another three years under the new management.

When Carl's wife Mildred took over the Sunday school, Carl carried her boxes of books and supplies and helped set up chairs for the classroom. He was not yet a member of Unity Church. When the church moved to Old Las Vegas Highway, Carl's grandson David said, "you're not going to let Gramma drive way out there alone, are you?" He began transporting his wife and grandchildren to "The Lollipop House" and decided to stay for the services. He joined the church not long after. Carl served on the board when the church was located on Baca Street.

Carl has been a quiet, steady presence in the church. He has provided manpower when it was needed to carry books and supplies, load and unload equipment, including Alana Woods' harp, and setting up shelves for the bookstore. His wry sense of humor always brings a smile. His and his wife's long-term commitment to Unity Church is recognized and appreciated.