Sunday Service ⛪

Sunday Service, in person and online, every week at 10:30 am. 

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Join us Sunday mornings for an inspiring, spiritually aligning and synchronistic Sunday Service led by Senior Minister Liz Luoma or occasional guest speakers, featuring any of an array of awesome solo singers accompanied by our wonderful Pianist, Robert Muller.  Come in person, stay for our potluck, and hang out after with one of the most welcoming and inclusive spiritual communities in Santa Fe.  Or hang out on Zoom and participate with a lively community online as well.  Stay online after service for a meet and greet between our Zoom participants.  :)

Participation In Person:

Join us in person here at Unity Santa Fe in whatever way feels most comfortable for you.  We invite all races, creeds, colors, orientations, and belief systems.  We do not require masks or social distancing but you are welcome and able to exhibit those safety precautions if you would like to.

Participation Online:

Join us online in our Zoom Cyber Sanctuary, Sundays at 10:30 am.

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To Call-in and listen to Sunday Service over Phone:

Call This Number:  719-359-4580

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We look forward to welcoming you seeing you this Sunday!

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