About Us

Unity Santa Fe is a welcoming inter-faith community that celebrates the oneness and divinity of all creation.

Our mission is to: Raise Consciousness, Transform Lives, Heal the Planet, One Person at a time. . .  Beginning with ME!

  • Unity is a spiritual movement offering practical, spiritual teachings that empowers abundant and meaningful living.
  • Unity is a spiritual movement offering focus on inner peace and peace of mind, acceptance in a community of like-minded people, a stronger connection to God.
  • Unity is a spiritual movement of prayer and education.

We practice:

  • The Presence of God through Prayer and Meditation
  • Spiritually Mature and Authentic Relationships
  • Service as an Act of Devotion to God
  • Generous and Thoughtful Giving

Statements that describe Unity Santa Fe:

  • We are inclusive and open-minded.
  • We are spiritual, holistic, intuitive.
  • We provide a philosophy that is spiritual, not religious, not fear-based.
  • We honor all paths to God.
  • We believe in making a positive difference in the world.
  • We believe in being a positive example and role model.
  • We believe that prayer works.
  • We encourage personal initiative and growth.
  • We help people discover and live their spiritual purpose and potential.
  • We help people have a stronger connection to God every day.
  • We pray that all who enter Unity:
    • Feel inspired, empowered, accepted, loved, connected.
    • Experience peace of mind.

Honoring Diversity within the Unity Movement

Unity Santa Fe Core Values:


We turn to the ever-present light within us, our true Essence.
We are in alignment with God, focused on the oneness of all.


We experience Divine Presence as everyone and everything.
We nurture and awaken each other to God Consciousness.


We live Joy, the wellspring of deep inner peace that flows from the one Heart.
We feed our soul, remember our Divine Essence, and strengthen our faith that all is well.


We are Wisdom and Compassion in our thoughts, words and actions.
We are an inclusive spiritual community that opens our hearts to all people.

We practice unconditional acceptance and forgiveness.


We live in heart-felt Gratitude for all of life, as it is.
We give thanks for all our blessings, which builds an energy field of gratitude that attracts even more blessings into our lives.


We embrace the Infinite Mystery of Life.
We graciously accept what is, and we know what to do.


Unity Santa Fe
1212 Unity Way
Santa Fe, NM 87506-1664