Carolyn Doherty

Carolyn Doherty was inducted as a Unity Santa Fe Treasure on Sunday, September 11, 2005. The following is the biography published on that date.

Ten years ago when Carolyn first started attending Unity Santa Fe, the Sunday attendance averaged from 30 to 35 people and was known as "the church on wheels" given that the church rented space to hold services having, at that time, no permanent home.

When Unity purchased its present property, Carolyn served as unofficial "General Contractor" for the renovation of what had been a Middle Eastern deli and grocery store into a beautiful church sanctuary, community room and office area. Carolyn also oversaw the construction of our building addition that houses our classrooms and bookstore, truly spending countless hous of loving service.

Carolyn has also served our spiritual community for six years as a member of the Board of Trustees, with three of those years in the position of board president. In addition, Carolyn has headed up numerous teams and special events such as Adventures In Faith. Currently, Carolyn gives her talents as a Worship Assistant, Prayer Chaplain and a member of the Spiritual Mastery Program.

What Carolyn especially appreciates about Unity Santa Fe is Brendalyn Batchelor who she sees as "our visionary minister who walks her talk." Carolyn also has great appreciation for the "powerful services, classes, and opportunities to serve in a spiritual environment that's ever-evolving, a place of learning, a place to meet great friends, great music, and great jokes!"

Caroly feels that Unity Santa Fe has changed her life: "I'm much more able to face the world and know that all truly is well and that each of our essence is perfect, whole and complete in every way. That's what Unity teaches, and once you get in the space of feeling that, it has to change your life!"

Born and raised on the East Coast, Carolyn has been a fashion designer, house renovator and property manager. She has lived in Santa Fe for the past ten years, giving loving service not only to Unity Santa Fe, but also giving selfless service as a docent for the Folk Art Museum. Carolyn currently uses her creative design talents in renovating buildings here in New Mexico and Washington, DC with her husband Myles Doherty.