Mildred Wofford

Mildred Wofford was inducted as a Unity Santa Fe Treasure on Sunday, September 12, 1999.

Mildred Wofford was born near Forrest, Illinois and graduated the State Teachers College in Normal. Soon after she began teaching, her sister died of Hodgkin's disease and her friends, because of their concern for Mildred, suggested she "try something new." Mildred joined the Waves and was stationed in San Francisco at the Fleet Post Office. When the war ended, "they forgot us." There was no department for postal women at that time. Mildred received a telephone call from a friend saying they desperately needed teachers in Santa Fe. She wrote to and called Superintendent Bird, but did not hear from him. She flew to Colorado to visit a friend and decided to call the Superintendent again. He told Mildred, "Come on down. You have a job!"

Mildred arrived in Santa Fe fifty-three years ago. She was hired as a second grade teacher and was told she would be married within a year. It was a year and three weeks. A colleague, Ada Picks, introduced Mildred to the brother-in-law of a friend of hers. Carl Wofford smiles when he says his sister-in-law framed him. Mildred and Carl were married September 18, 1947. Their daughter Ann, who now lives in Big Spring, Texas, was born in 1948. Son James was born in 1950 and lives with his wife and children right across the street from his folks. Mildred and Carl have three grandchildren; Michael, David and Jana.

Raised as a Methodist, she was discouraged that, "no one greeted me except the very old women." She attended services at the Presbyterian Church where, Mildred says, "they wanted to save me." A Catholic friend gave her a copy of Daily Word and Mildred wrote to Unity Village for more materials. She saw an announcement in the New Mexican for Unity Church services at La Posada, but didn't go the first time. When the announcement caught her eye again she attended. "I found my church."

Mildred became very active in Unity Church of Santa Fe. She was part of the bookstore staff from 1976 until 1986. She served on the board in 1979. She took over teaching Sunday school from 1976 to 1983. Until recently, she sent welcome cards to newcomers. She and Carl continue to attend Sunday services and home study groups.

Thirty years ago, Mildred started oil painting. The walls of her home are hung with her beautiful paintings. Two years ago, she made their Christmas cards from one of her paintings. This spirited woman, who is just recovering from a fractured hip, plans to paint a picture of the new Unity church to use as their Christmas card this year.

(Mildred Wofford passed away peacefully at home on August 11, 2007)