Serve Now

Sacred service is an act of devotion to God.

"Love cannot remain by itself - it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service." - Mother Teresa

Whatever your passions are, that is your key to sacred service!

Whatever you like to do, there is a place for you in our Sacred Service Program.          

Please contact us at the office: 505.989.4433 or

Adventures in Faith Ministry Team -- This team offers an annual seven-week fall program focusing on the inner work of spiritual transformation.  Adventures in Faith is based on a selected book with Sunday messages, in-home study groups, a pet blessing and a festive gala celebration.

Big Screen Ministry Team - This ministry team is responsible for coordinating spiritual movies, slides/video, creating and maintaining our song slide library, and projecting music screens on Sunday.

Board of  Trustees Ministry Team - This ministry team is responsible for holding God's vision for, and guiding the direction of Unity Santa Fe. Trustees are elected annually.  Board meetings are held monthly.

Book Store Ministry Team - Our Revealing Word Book Store Ministry team provides materials for spiritual enrichment and personal growth and transformation.  Team member responsibilities include sales, ordering, stocking, and inventorying products. The ministry also maintains a lending library of inspiring spiritual books, audios and videos.

Decor and Aesthetics Ministry Team - This ministry team is responsible for the beautification of the interiors of our building.

Facilities Ministry  Team - This ministry team oversees USF's building and grounds and is made up of four support teams:  Architectural, Gardening, Maintenance and Projects.

Flowers Ministry Team - This ministry team arranges the flowers in the sanctuary for Sunday service, special celebrations and events.

Guardians of Being Pet Ministry Team - This ministry team supports spiritual growth through a shared love and appreciation of the deep spiritual and healing nature of animal companions. The team was formed in 2015 and continues to define its mission which could include focusing on our oneness and divinity with our animal companions, pet-related workshops, book study groups and providing resources and assistance to animals and their guardians.

Hospitality Ministry Team - This ministry team brings refreshments and sets up the commUnity room every Sunday.  This includes arriving early, brewing the coffee and plating snacks.

In-Reach Ministry  Team.  This ministry team connects members by coordinating social gatherings to support our community growth and fellowship.

Music Ministry Team - This ministry team plans all USF music including special music, Sunday song selections, choir, musical program and concerns.

Our Oneness Healing Ministry Team - This ministry team consists of energy healers trained through different venues such as Energy Medicine, Reiki, therapeutic Touch, Quantum Healing, Diksha and Vibrational Healing. All are based on connecting to the energy of God as the Universal Souce of Healing Love.

Prayer Chaplain Ministry Team - Prayer Chaplains pray with congregants after Sunday services and when otherwise requested, make monthly prayer support calls to members, hold sacred space with prayer requests, and provide in-home and hospital visitation.  Members of this ministry team must interview with the minister and attend extensive training.

Prosperity in Action Ministry Team - This ministry team manifests prosperity for Unity Santa Fe through Divine inspired action and through openness to the unbounded Magic of the Universe. This includes financial reporting, budget preparation, fund raising, planned giving and monthly meetings to review the Unity Santa Fe financial statements, assuring that operations are in line with our annual financial vision.                                                                                                                                           Home Free Ministry Team - This ministry team is leading our campaign to financially secure our spiritual home and pave the way for expanding our key ministry programs.

Services Support Ministry Team - This ministry team prepares our facility before and after Sunday and special services including posting signage, checking candles, preparing salt trays, checking heat/air conditioning, straightening sanctuary after service, cleaning hsopitality area and checking bathrooms.

Sound & Light Ministry Team - This ministry team provides sound and lighting support during services and special events by doing the audio taping and contrlling the lights in the sactuary.

Special Events Ministry Team - This ministry team works with a variety of other teams to develop and plan one-time and on-going event ideas, book speakers and oversee event operations.

Spiritual Education and Enrichment Ministry Team - This ministry team schedules and administers adult spiritual education and enrichment classes, workshops, seminars and study groups presented by USF.

Spiritual Social Action Ministry Team - This ministry team determines where USF can make a difference in the local/global cmmunnity and organizes programs to benefit those in need.  Our commitment is:  "Unity Santa Fe cares!  We say "yes" to Spirit's call to be the difference we want to see through generous humanitarian and compassionate sacred social action."

Welcoming Ministry Team (Usher/Greeters) - This ministry team is the "first face of USF" as they greet and warmly welcome congregants and first timers to Sunday service, special programs and events.  Team members distribute service bulletins and first time packets and help late comers find seating.

Worship Assistants Ministry Team - Worship assistants participate and leade a portion of Sunday and special services.  They are the familiar face of USF in the absence of our m inister and ensure the service runs smoothly and joyfully.  Members of this ministry team are appointed by the minister.

Youth and Family Ministry Team - This ministry team creates a blessed and loving environment to nurture and inspire all youth who join us each Sunday.