Steve Blumberg

Steve Blumberg was inducted as a Unity Santa Fe Treasure on Sunday, September 11, 2005. The following is the biography published on that date.

Steve has been a valued member of Unity Santa Fe for ten years. He remarks that in Unity Santa Fe he has "found a spiritual home that has meaning. I feel the love in this church, in our church. It feels so good to have our own church home and I'm so very grateful that Wendy and I were able to play a small part to support Unity Santa Fe in having its own church home."

Steve has served on the Board of Trustees and is our liaison par excellence with City Hall. Unity Santa Fe owes to Steve's political savvy and persistence the acquisition of state highway rights to expand our parking area, the 12 street lights that heighten safety at the 599 intersecion, the highway signs on both sides of 599 that read "To Unity Way," and our street renaming from La Cuchara to Unity Way with its blue street sign showing a dove that he designed.

Most recently, Steve has been at work arranging for our church to give back to the Santa Fe community by our participation in the Adopt-a-Highway clean-up program along a stretch of 599 near our church.

What Steve most appreciates about Unity Santa Fe is "the people, the genuineness, the feeling of love and honesty...the realness that just emanates from the people, and the specialness of our minister, Brendalyn Batchelor."

For Steve, "Unity Santa Fe is a place where you can truly feel at home and feel that you can be yourself with a community of people with whom you can just feel good...I'm so grateful that Unity Santa Fe is part of my life."

For 26 years Steve was a university professor at California State Long Beach teaching graduate students studying for a Masters degree in Public Administration (MPA). He has authored numerous articles and publications in the field of Public Administration. Steve has also served two terms as mayor of Manhattan Beach as well as holding other public offices. In addition, Steve has had a career in real estate management as well as being a Certified Property Manager. Steve and his wife Wendy have four children and seven grandchildren. He and Wendy spend half the year in California where they're devoted grandparents, faithfully attending the games of their sports loving grandsons.