Unity Santa Fe Treasures

In 1999, Unity Santa Fe initiated its Unity Santa Fe Treasures program to recognize and appreciate those long-time members who have made prodigious contributions of time, talent and treasure toward the spiritual and physical growth of USFe. The Unity Santa Fe Treasures program was inspired by Mary Lou Cook's Santa Fe Living Treasures group celebrations "which honor our elders, their values, wisdom and humor with ceremony, photographs and the telling of their stories."

In February of 1999, Rev. Brendalyn Batchelor invited Priscilla Cole to submit a proposal for honoring our own Living Treasures. Priscilla has taken a pivotal role in the program by: conducting interviews with honorees, writing their bios, having photographs taken, working with Rev. Brendalyn to plan the ceremony and celebration, and creating the keepsake album of the Unity Santa Fe history and honoree information and photos.

1999 Unity Santa Fe Treasures

(left to right) Suzanne "Sue" Jordan, Everett "Ed" Remmers, Mildred Wofford, Helen Lane, Carl Wofford

2005 Unity Santa Fe Treasures

(left to right) Wendy Blumberg, Steve Blumberg, Carolyn Doherty

2017 Unity Santa Fe Treasures

(left to right) Connie Salles, Ralph Huber, Janine Jones

(left to right) Priscilla Cole (USFe Treasures coordinator), Deb Caswell (President, Board of Trustees), Carolyn Doherty (USFe Treasure 2005), Connie Salles, Ralph Huber,  Janine Jones, Lisa Reed (2017 Treasures keepsake artist), Rev. Brendalyn Batchelor, senior minister Unity Santa Fe.