Wendy Blumberg

Wendy Blumber was inducted as a Unity Santa Fe Treasure on Sunday, September 11, 2005. The following is the biography published on that date.

Wendy resides in Santa Fe as well as Del Mar, California. Unity Santa Fe, where Wendy has been a member for 10 years, feels her absence during the winter months and yet, she continues to make all the same contributions. Wendy serves as a Prayer Chaplain, making her prayer calls while in Santa Fe as well as when she is in California 7 months out of the year. Wendy contributes many hours of office help, and inspires us with her beautiful poetry. Most of what Wendy gives is never known or seen by the church community. Wendy is truly "the wind beneath the wings." Her "behind the scenes support" she credits to God working through her anonymously. She calls Brendalyn weekly to stay connected to her spiritual family, and her (and Steve's) unwavering love and support of Brendalyn continues to restore the years the locusts have eaten.

Wendy would say, "I don't do much," totally willing to give all credit to others. Her humbleness, giving nature and gentle love is truly a model for all. She does have one goal - to "just be love and love others unconditionally."

What Wendy especially appreciates about Unity Santa Fe are the inspiring classes and speakers, the beautiful building, and Brendalyn Batchelor its minister for whom she has much affection and regard. She particularly feels that "the teachings of Unity and of Jesus are in the walls and in the foundation and in the seats." Wendy observes that she "can't separate the building and the people and Brendalyn. It's all one. And when you walk in, you can feel it."

Wendy finds Unity Santa Fe to be "a very uplifting experience of real spirituality." For Wendy, "it isn't just the experience of going to Sunday service, but the whole idea of being a member and having a place to go to be fulfilled emotionally and spiritually." Wendy remarks that "there is always one point in the service which moves me to tears. And yet, it's also intellectually stimulating...I'm constantly being fed."

Wendy sees that others are also touched by their experience of Unity Santa Fe. She comments that "there have been people who have come in and been in the service and tears would just start to flow because you start to open to all of this and it's so overwhelmingly wonderful. You feel blessed and so filled with love, and I think that's the main thing...the love that comes and that inclusiveness."

Wendy, with her husband Steve, has four wonderful children and seven grandchildren. Wendy and Steve spend half of the year here in Santa Fe and the other half of the year in Del Mar, California where they cheer on their grandsons in sporting events and their granddaughter's activities. Wendy is an accomplished poet who has published her book of poems titled Poets Are the Bravest.