Sunday Service

Sunday Morning Services at 10:30 am

The following Sunday Celebration Service topics are based on our Fall Adventures In Faith book Braving the Wilderness by Brene' Brown. When you attend, you are encouraged to wear the "color of the week" representing one of the seven chakras.

September 30th - Rev. Brendalyn's message “Everywhere and Nowhere” will support you in responding with enthusiasm, curiosity, and the courage to walk forward to meet your good. Affirmation: The wide, wonderful wilderness of my being opens and I meet my good. Color: Red - Root Chakra

October 7th - Guest speaker Peg Durkee's message “The Quest for True Belonging” will support you in opening to the experience of true belonging. Affirmation: I open to the experience of true belonging. Color: Orange - Sacral Chakra
October 14th - Rev. Brendalyn's message “High Lonesome: A Spiritual Crisis” will support you in remembering and acting from the Divine nature and Oneness of your being.” Affirmation: I remember and act from my Divine nature and Oneness. Color: Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra
October 21st – Rev. Brendalyn's message “People Are Hard to Hate Close Up. Move In” will support you in raising your human consciousness to reflect your Divine nature. Affirmation: I raise my human consciousness to reflect my Divine nature. Color: Green - Heart Chakra
October 28th – Rev. Brendalyn's message “Speak Truth to B.S. Be Civil” will support you in expressing strength and faith no matter what! Affirmation: In stillness I express strength and faith no matter what! Color: Blue - Throat Chakra

November 4th – Rev. Brendalyn's message “Hold Hands. With Strangers” will support you in going beyond who you have been and who you ever imagined yourself to be. Affirmation: I go beyond who I have been and who I ever imagined myself to be! Color: Indigo - Third Eye Chakra
November 10th – “Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart” will support you in seeing and being seen. Affirmation: I am vulnerable. I am brave. I am willing to see and be seen! Color: Violet or White - Crown Chakra

If you are unable to attend our Sunday Celebration service, you may enjoy a video of the message and meditation here on our website. Visit the homepage, scroll down to the featured videos and click on the Sunday message video. Click on the orange button "More Videos" for an archive of past videos.