Sunday Service

9 am Quest Class:

Rev. Brendalyn facilitates the study of Paul Hasselbeck's book Heart Centered Metaphysics. Copies of the book are available in our Revealing Word Bookstore. This is a drop-in class. All are welcome to join us any Sunday.

Sundays on The Quest: On Sundays, June 18th - September 17th, we will be delving deeply into The Twelve Powers as follows:

6/18    Chapter 24: The Twelve Powers
6/25    Chapter 25: Developing and Expressing the Twelve Powers (Facilitated by Sylvia Wheeler, LUT)
7/2      Faith
7/9      Strength
7/16    Judgment
7/23    Love
7/30    Power
8/6      Imagination
8/13    Understanding
8/20    Will
8/27    Order
9/3      Zeal (Facilitated by Sylvia Wheeler, LUT)
9/10    Elimination (Facilitated by Sylvia Wheeler, LUT)
9/17    Life (Facilitated by Sylvia Wheeler, LUT)


10:30 am Service:

Sunday, June 4th - Brendalyn’s message, “Mind-Idea-Expression” will support you in understanding Unity’s metaphysical interpretation of the Trinity as the universal creative process.  This message is based on Chapter 13 “The Trinity” of Heart-Centered Metaphysics - A Deeper Look at Unity Teachings.

Sunday,  June 11th -  In Rev. Brendalyn’s absence, Michael Mirdad will be the guest speaker. Michael's message topic is “Living a Spiritual Life." Michael will be presenting two workshops: Sunday 1-4pm “Achieving Love and Forgiveness" and Monday 7-9pm “An Evening of Miracles."

Sunday, June 18th - Rev. Brendalyn's Father’s Day message, “The Perfect Man" will support you in realizing your capacity to realize your Christ Potential. This message is based on Chapter 15 “Jesus, the Christ, Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus” in Heart-Centered Metaphysics - A Deeper Look at Unity Teachings.

Sunday, June 25th- In Rev. Brendalyn’s absence, Unity Santa Fe choir director Catherine Donavon's message, "Music of the Soul" will encourage you to discover the music that lives in you.