Messages We Need To Hear (Unity Booklet)

Messages We Need to Hear
There are moments when we all need the encouragement of Truth—affirmations that we’re worthy and loved and that God’s presence and light are always with us.
In the new Unity booklet, Messages We Need to Hear: From the Writings of Martha Smock, you’ll find reassurance, healing, and uplifting guidance for everyday life.
Spiritual principles are timeless. This special booklet is relevant to any situation as Smock speaks to who you are, what you can do, and what matters most.
May Messages We Need to Hear strengthen your faith with the transformative power of affirmative prayer.
Resources like these from Unity are our gift to you with no obligation. But if you can support our prayer ministry and help provide prayer, hope, and practical spiritual teachings to people around the world, your kindness will be greatly appreciated.