We are now hiring for our Bookkeeper position.

Position Description

Title:  Bookkeeper/Finance Coordinator

Reports to:  Minister

Position Status: Part-time, Non-Exempt (Average 10 hours week, primarily remote)

The Unity Santa Fe Bookkeeper/Finance Coordinator position is responsible for ministry accounting processes, including A/R, A/P, Payroll, and financial reporting and managing the financial affairs of Unity Santa Fe.  They are also responsible for promoting church-wide adherence to financial policy and working with ministry leadership and congregants to achieve the Unity Santa Fe Mission and Vision. It is a ministry and the person in this position will be extending the ministry of Unity Santa Fe.

Areas of Responsibility

1. Maintain accurate and timely records of the receipts and disbursements of Unity Santa Fe’s operating funds.
• Prepare and process deposits at least weekly and make deposits directly at the bank
   o Work with Counting team to insure accuracy and efficiency in deposits
   o Ensure cash deposits are initially counted by others
   o Post online deposits monthly
• Execute the timely payment of all invoices and check requests
   o Ensure that all invoices/check requests submitted have proper approvals and documentation
   o Process checks/electronic debits for invoices when due to avoid late payment and finance charges
   o Record any manual checks (hand-written checks, on-line payments, etc.)
• Execute the timely administration of payroll and filing of all tax, governmental, regulatory, and ministry reports, including payroll deposits and reports
   o Process payroll for payment to employees on the 15th and last day of each month.
   o Make timely payment of federal and state payroll tax deposits monthly.
• Maintain contribution records
   o Post deposits to the contribution records on a monthly basis
   o Process credit card and automatic deposits at least monthly.
   o Send (email/mail) quarterly &year-end contribution statements to contributors over $250.
   o Maintain detailed records of all receipts, including pledges and special gifts
   o Work with church members to resolve any record-keeping discrepancies
• Analyze spending and uphold budget strategy
   o Monitor budget for overages or discrepancies, and alert the appropriate team leader, as needed.
   o Ensure sufficient cash is available to meet operating needs (and determine borrowing needs, if any).  Contact Treasurer and Finance Team immediately, if cash is insufficient to fund expenses.
   o Prepare account analyses as needed and/or requested
   o Make adjusting journal entries when necessary
2. Prepare and distribute monthly financial reports to Finance Team and Board of Trustees.  Submit financial reports to lenders, if required.
• Reconcile all financial account statements monthly prior to issuance of financial reports, including investment and credit card accounts
• Attend monthly Finance Team meetings
• Close year end books each mid-January
• Attend and assist with annual financial review/audit process, if requested
• Preserve vital records in accordance with federal guidelines and Unity Santa Fe Records Retention Policy
• Maintain good working relationships and communication with USFe bankers and lenders to facilitate loan processing, account requests, and other banking needs.
• Manage accounting and financial reporting for capital campaigns, and other projects, as requested.
3. Support the annual Pledge campaign and budget processes
• Prepare & submit draft budget to Finance Team for annual budgeting process beginning in September of each year, updated on a monthly basis.
• Prepare the final budget for review by the Finance Team and Board of Trustees after year-end close.
• In coordination with the Prosperity Team and Communications/Project Administrator and, based on the budget, develops annual Prosperity in Action Pledge Campaign materials and communications and provides on-going administrative fundraising support.
4. Support human resources/personnel
• Work with Senior Minister to obtain salary and benefits information to complete the budget worksheet, ensuring its accuracy, particularly relative to calculations of benefits and taxes, prior to submission to Finance Team.
• Obtain required information to enroll new employees and ensure accurate and timely payrolls & tax reporting.
• Maintain personnel files relating to salary, including salary change forms and required tax & Federal forms, salary changes, etc.
• Serve as primary contact for salary and benefit information, including notification of changes.
• Complete documentation for annual workman’s compensation audit (usually October)
5. Ensure adherence to all financial procedures, policies, and controls
• Follow all existing financial procedures, policies, and controls in performing responsibilities.  Any questions regarding procedures or policies will be discussed with the Treasurer.
• Present any proposed changes to procedures or policies to the Finance Team and the Treasurer for discussion and approval prior to implementation.


• Experience in accounting, bookkeeping (A/P, A/R, Payroll, & GL), budgeting and financial management, preferably in a church or non-profit.
• Computer hardware and software skills, including proficiency in MSOffice, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook, and fund accounting software such as Power Church Plus or ACS, which are church-focused programs.
• Excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to multi-task
• Strong oral and written communication and analytical skills, including the capacity for creative thinking and innovative ideas.
• Knowledge and experience in using good business management practices and procedures, i.e., leadership qualities; ability to work effectively with people; ability to delegate responsibility & wisely; flexibility; and the ability to learn and incorporate new ideas.
• Some knowledge of universal Truth principles and commitment to practicing them.
Please email with resume or for more information.