Discovering what Matters: February -21-2021 Q & A Session with Tom McCrory

Discovering What Matters:
Moving Forward Towards Our New Minister

February 21, 2021


•Last Sunday (February 14) we had an after service discussion on the ministerial succession/transition situation.
•Many people expressed strong feelings about this.
•However, there was no agreement on what approach was preferable.

What Did We Do?

•We contacted Unity Worldwide.
•They told us that Gregory Rouillard, founder of Way of Community, has been a wonderful facilitator when they have had this situation.
•Karen Roberts and I had an hour long Zoom meeting with Gregory Friday morning.
•He followed up with information which we took to the Board of Trustees yesterday.

Phase 1

•Based on his experience with other communities facing similar situations, Gregory recommended a two phase approach:
•Phase 1: A two hour Zoom meeting to discover “Why we do what we do”.  Gregory will facilitate this. 
The output will be a prioritized list of values, needs and qualities of life that express what matters most to the congregation during this process.

Phase 2

•Following the first meeting, a prioritized list of values/needs/qualities of life will be developed that express what matters most to the congregation.
•Phase 2: Two weeks later, there will be a second two hour meeting, also facilitated by Gregory.
•The purpose is to build on “Why we do it” to develop creative ideas for “What to do”. The output will be a prioritized list of strategy ideas to identify those that have the most potency/ aliveness in the group.


•To ensure everyone is heard, each meeting will be limited to 25 people.
•For that reason, we have arranged to have two meetings for each phase.  Please pick one or the other.
•The meetings for Phase 1 will take place on Friday March 12 and Saturday March 13.
•The meetings for Phase 2 will take place on Friday March 26 and Saturday March 27.
•All meetings will run from 10 am until noon.


•If you have questions, please email


To watch 2-21-21 recorded session click HERE

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Thank you for all you are doing to make this process wonderfully successful for everyone involved.