Getting to Know YOUnity - New Members Zoom Class

Saturday, October 28th, 10am – 12pm


Our Getting to Know YOUnity New Members Class is designed to provide basic information about the meaning of membership, Unity Worldwide Ministries, and Unity Santa Fe.

New Members from this SummerThis class is helpful for…

  • Those who are interested in what it means to be a member of Unity Santa Fe.
  • Those who are interested becoming a voting member of Unity Santa Fe.
  • Those who are members and would like a refresher class

Our intention in providing this class is:

  1. To provide an opportunity for participants to deepen their self-awareness and to build relationships within their spiritual home.
  2. To provide an open opportunity for anyone to explore the basic ideas of Unity and the operations of Unity Santa Fe.   
  3. To become an informed, supportive and active member, if you choose to be.
  4. To explore the path of membership, its meaning, its responsibilities, and rewards.

More of our New MembersWe believe that informed, supportive, and actively involved members are more satisfied with their experience within Unity, more successful in achieving their personal goals, and are more likely to become long term members of the community.  

For these reasons, the Getting to Know YOUnity Class is required for those individuals who choose to become voting partners at Unity Santa Fe.

You may SIGN UP HERE or at Unity Santa Fe.