Make The Leap: A Tipping Point to a New Consciousness - Presentation by Dayna Dunbar

Wednesday, June 21st, 6 - 7pm

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In this presentation, Dayna Dunbar will reveal a profound and sacred story about her encounter with a being of Light in Sedona, Arizona in 1994. She was told at that time she needed to begin telling spiritual stories and that she would one day write about the race of beings she encountered on that magical night. Over the next several years, while meditating, she received specific information about what an awakened society would look like, how it would function, and the oneness consciousness that would create it. 

Almost all of this went into her latest novel, a spiritual sci-fi thriller, Awake: The Legacy of Akara, touted by Dr. Jean Houston as, “A luminous book” and Iyanla Vanzant as “A visionary page-turner!” In this talk, Dayna will present the lessons she was given. In addition, specific practices and suggestions for contributing to the Rebirthing on Earth (as it is called in Awake) as well as a real-time guided visioning process will be offered, followed by Q&A. Join the community to awaken the  planet!  

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Trailer (above) was created by her friend and colleague, Dan Schmidt, the brilliant filmmaker who made the Samadhi films as a gift because he’s such a fan ofDayna Dunbar the book. 

DAYNA DUNBAR is an award-winning spiritual novelist published by Ballantine Books. Her visionary storytelling, as illustrated in her latest book, Awake: The Legacy of Akara, offers an entertaining, fast-paced adventure and a vision of what we may become if we choose the path of conscious evolution. With a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica, Dayna is also a spiritual counselor and teacher, offering her clients and students the alchemy that occurs when we meet our humanity fully in love while we also do the waking up work offered by deep wisdom. 

In this way, she supports the shift in identity from a separate self structure to the knowing of our true nature and our oneness in Spirit.