Music Director

We are currently hiring for our Music Director Position.

Position Description

Job Title:  Music Director

Reports to:  Senior Minister

Position Status: Permanent Part-time, Salaried (Avg. 7-8 hrs. week)

The Music Director is responsible for creating and leading an inspiring music ministry for Unity Santa Fe, a small inter-spiritual community, located in Santa Fe, NM.  The Music Director is charged with developing and growing the music program in partnership and close consultation with the Senior Minister and other team members, consistent with the Unity Santa Fe Mission, Vision, and Core Values. The Music Director is a performer, choir leader and arranger, and a talent recruiter, who is responsible for building a program that attracts talented and dynamic performers and creates transformative environments through the inspirational and healing medium of music.  The music program is itself a ministry, and with effective leadership, enhances and extends the broader ministry of Unity Santa Fe.

Areas of Responsibility

• Select and plan inspiring and heartfelt music for Sunday and special services, working with the Sr. Minister to create a cohesive service that supports the message and theme for the day.
• Provide vocal support for services, including performance of solo numbers (usually 2 per service) and leadership of congregational singing, teaching of new songs, and creation of opportunities for congregational participation in music. (Vocal support ideally is a director who sings well, or hires soloists)
• Schedule and coordinate guest musicians either through recruitment or in response to inquiries from potential musical performers, ascertaining, in collaboration with the Sr. Minister, their viability for Unity Santa Fe services.
• Recruit, equip, motivate, and rehearse vocalists, musicians, and the choir, as needed.
• Collaborate with the technical/production team to create optimal sound and balance of performances, both in the sanctuary and on the Zoom feed.
• Communicate regularly and in a timely manner with the Sr. Minister and staff.
• Attend monthly Staff Meetings and provide the Music Ministry Report.
• Plan and produce special musical events/concerts in collaboration with the Sr. Minister (i.e. talent show, coffee house, Christmas pageant) for Unity Santa Fe fundraising, as needed.
• Coordinate with Communications/Project Administrator to post schedule on church calendar and coordinate volunteer support, as needed regarding music program activities. Provide music info (song titles, guests, lyrics, etc.) to the Communications/Project Administrator and the Sr. Minister for the slides and weekly bulletins.


• Demonstrable general music competency, college training preferred.
• Minimum 2 years’ music direction experience in a church setting, (not required, preferred.)
• Proven vocal and instrumental skills, demonstrable by recordings, videos, and relevant references (refer to Required Musical Competencies below).
• Ability to organize, coordinate, and motivate musicians.
• Experience in choral direction, arrangement and recruitment (preferred.)
• Committed to the church's vision, leadership, and people. Knowledge of/commitment to New Thought and, most desirably, Unity teachings and principles.
• Personal commitment to continuous spiritual growth, love, and respect for people.
• Flexible, energetic, good humored, positive and a cooperative team player
• Dependable, responsible, self-motivated, and creative.
• Available for work on weekends and for holiday functions
Preferred Musical Competencies
• Conversant in and, experience with, a wide range of multi-generational musical styles and traditions, with a focus on contemporary and New Thought music.
• Professional keyboard proficiency, including synthesizer and MIDI competence, as well.  Additional instrumental proficiency (particularly guitar) a plus.
• Professional arranging and charting skills (ideally with competence in standard notational software, e.g. Sibelius & Finale). Composing skills a plus.
• Experience with sound reinforcement, including mixer function, balancing, EQ adjustment, and mic setup for musical support in a church service setting.  Competence in theater lighting, video editing, a plus.
• Solo performance experience
• Experience in producing and directing musical events, a plus.
• Experience or familiarity with youth music ministry, a plus.

Unity Santa Fe Music Director Candidate Questionnaire

• Please describe your previous experience in music and/or music ministry.


• What is your spiritual background/current practice?


• Please describe any experience in choir and congregational singing.


• What musical instruments do you play and at what level of proficiency?


• Please describe your personal approach to music ministry.


• What experience do you have working with youth?



• What technical skills do you bring to this position?

• What contacts do you have with the wider music community, locally and nationally?


• Why would you like to serve as the Music Director of Unity Santa Fe and what special skills and talents do you bring to the community?


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