December's Care & Share - Warm Bodies, Warm Hearts

Some of our neighbors are very cold.  Here is your chance to warm their bodies and warm their hearts, along with warming your own heart at the same time.Coats Hanging

Our Social Action Team is sponsoring a service opportunity here at Unity Santa Fe, called Care and Share, as a way of blessing others in our local Santa Fe community.

By talking with local social service organizations, we've learned what some of the greatest needs are in our community.

Each month, we'll be highlighting one specific need and offering the opportunity for you to donate items to fill that need.  We've learned that one of the most pressing needs for people with low income is WARM WINTER COATS.

So for the month of December, you are encouraged to bring unwrapped coats and jackets for infants, children and adults. 

Here are the most pressing needs:

•    Boys – "2 Toddler" Size and Extra Large
•    Girls – Toddlers Size through 12 months old; Size 10-12 Girls Large; Size 14-16 Girls Large and Extra Large
•    Women – ALL sizes
•    Men – ALL sizes up to XL
•    Stocking Caps
•    Gloves

(coats or jackets in any size will be welcome)



Bring in Unwrapped Coats for Infants, Children and Adults anytime and they said that they are NOT doing a big “Give-Away Party” like they have for the past years, so that they would appreciate just having them brought to them as soon as we can (not to wait), as they are in more Desperate Need this year than in the past.

Boys – “2 Toddler” Size & Extra Large

Girls – Toddlers Size through 12 month old, Size 10-12 Girl’s Large, Size 14-16 Girl’s Large & Extra Large, Size 18 Girl’s XXL

Women – ALL Sizes…they have none right now in stock!

Men – ALL Sizes up to XL…..but they have plenty of XXL already, as someone brought in a large supply of these.

And if you feel so inclined…add a stocking hat or gloves.

We'll see to it that they are distributed to where they will do the most good.

So check for sales at local stores, raid your own closet, or shop online, the more the better, and bring your coats to church!

You may bring your donations on Sunday or anytime during our office hours.



For more info email: