May's Prayer Column: Accessing The Power of Affirmative Prayer 🗣️

Unity Santa Fe Prayer Column for May 2024

Have you ever explored the Unity website for Silent Unity? This is an amazing resource for hearing Affirmative Prayer and knowing how to create your own Affirmative Prayers. All you need to do is type in your browser ‘Silent Unity’ and you will be taken to links to the correct page. There you will find how to make an On-line Prayer request, ask for Prayer support by phone, get prayer support through the BeUnity App, or even mail in a request.Affirmative Prayer

If you scroll further down the page you will see a heading “Additional Prayer Resources from Unity”. There is so much support available, the categories include: Uplifting Affirmations, Virtual Prayer Vigil, and Monthly Prayer Services. 

Under the “Monthly Meditations from Unity Prayer Ministry” you will find an archived library of 12 Prayers per year for every year since 2016 to today. Prayers of 2-3 minutes that address every human concern are recorded in soothing male or female voices. 

Beautiful musical introductions lead into calming Affirmative Prayers available instantly on any subject you might have concerns in from Inner Peace, to Divine Potential, Grace, Gratitude, Guidance, Prosperity and Abundance and much more. This is a great resource to take advantage of when you need a little uplifting support you are never alone.


Kristine Baker
Unity Santa Fe Prayer Practitioner

Prayer Practitioners Available Every Sunday and During the Week

Every Sunday, after service, you have the opportunity to pray with a Unity Prayer Practitioner in the Sanctuary or youth classroom. 

You can also request to have a Prayer Practitioner call you once a month or during the week for a Private Prayer Call.