Our New Digital Bookshop

Unity Santa Fe Bookshop Online


You can now support Unity Santa Fe by purchasing any book you like via our NEW online Bookshop!

In addition to finding all of Rev Liz's Book Recommendations all in one place, you can now purchase all your books on our Bookshop site, just by searching titles.  If you are looking for a specific title, just use the search bar on our Bookshop and voila!  You can buy any book you like while supporting Unity Santa Fe!

We are so grateful to Bookshop for providing the opportunity for you to support Unity Santa Fe with 30% of all sales placed through our Bookshop. 

We hope you enjoy your time on our bookshop site and come back often. We will be updating and changing our selections regularly.

Thank you for your support. We love you, we bless you, and we truly appreciate you!