Prayer Chaplain Ministry

Our Prayer Chaplain Ministry Team


Our 2021-22 Prayer Chaplain Ministry Team members are: Rosemary Peters (Team Coordinator), Tom McCrory, Catherine Donavon, Peg Durkee, and Lisa Reed.

This ministry team prays with congregants after Sunday service (temporarily suspended due to Covid-19) and when otherwise requested, makes monthly prayer support calls to members (until June), holds sacred space with prayer requests, and provides in-home and hospital visitation. Members of this ministry team must interview with the minister and attend extensive training. Training began with orientations in April, 2021 at Unity Santa Fe, a training intensive in May, and additional training sessions at USFe. New prayer chaplains were inducted in June of 2021.

Prayer chaplains are available for prayers of celebration or concerns.  Please email Prayer Chaplain Coordinator Rosemary Peters with any and all prayer requests:

Or call Silent Unity 800-669-7729 for 24 hour support.