Spiritual Social Action

Our Spiritual Social Action Statement

Unity Santa Fe cares! We say “yes” to Spirit’s call to be the difference we want to see through generous humanitarian and compassionate sacred social action.

Our Fall Projects in 2018

During our Fall Adventures In Faith series, our SOUL Circles choose and carry out social actions projects to serve the greater community of Santa Fe. So far these groups have completed or begun the following projects:

Tuesday evening SOUL Circle facilitated and hosted by Janet McCanna - this group asked the USFe community to participate in SOCKTOBER. Throughout the month of October, they collected men's and women's socks. Socks are the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters and the socks this group collected will be donated to local shelters.

Sunday afternoon SOUL Circle facilitated by Stephanie Roy at Unity Santa Fe - this group is collecting travel size toiletries for our brothers and sisters. Items such as shampoo, soap, lotion, toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrushes are welcome. There is a collection basket in the CommUnity Room at USFe through Sunday, November 25th.

The SOUL group facilitated by Sylvia Wheeler and hosted by Elia Redfield is collecting coats and outerwear for men, women and children. Brenda Fannon is helping coordinate this effort which will benefit Adelante and other organizations that distribute clothing to our brothers and sisters in need. Gently used or new items will be collected at USFe through Sunday, November 25th.

In addition to these projects, our Peanut Butter Caper is an ongoing effort to assist Feeding Santa Fe. 15 - 18 oz. jars can be dropped off at USFe at any time, but our Peanut Butter Caper Sunday is the 4th Sunday of each month. Cash donations are also gratefully accepted. Unity Santa Fe is currently providing more jars of peanut butter to Feeding Santa Fe than any other organization.

Our Spring Projects in 2018

We continue to collect donations of peanut butter to assist Feeding Santa Fe, the organization that distributes food bags to families and individuals experiencing food insecurity. The 4th Sunday of each month is designated as Peanut Butter Caper Sunday, but donations of 15 - 18 oz. jars of peanut butter as wellas cash donations are accepted at any time. In April, we were able to give Feeding Santa Fe a record number of 101 jars.

The Sunday morning SpiritGroup which studied "In The Flow of Life" by Eric Butterworth supported The Horse Shelter, an organization that rescues, re-habilitates and re-homes abused abandoned and neglected horses throughout New Mexico. Members of the group collected items for the May Silent Auction and volunteered their time for this event which made close to $150,000 for the organization.

The Loving Kindness SpiritGroup continues the practice of Loving-Kindness Meditation here at USFe every other Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

"The Gentle Art of Blessing" SpiritGroup which studied and discussed the book by Pierre Pradervand put literal feet on the gentle art by walking around downtown Santa Fe giving silent blessings to everyone they encountered. As individuals, the group continues this blessing practice in their daily lives.

The Revealing Word Bookstore is donating new and used books to the NM State Prison and to a Vietnam Verterans organization. We thank our bookstore manager Wanda Brown for undertaking this project.

Our Winter Projects in 2017 - 2018

In conjunction with our Winter SpiritGroup session, each group chose a spiritual social action project:

The Writer's Circle SpiritGroup collected gently used men's and women's clothing from the CommUnity to donate to Pete's Place Interfaith Shelter. Members and friends of Unity Santa Fe we very generous and the group was able to deliver a full carload of clothing to the shelter.

The Sunday morning SpiritGroup that studied "Even Mystics Have Bills To Pay" by Jim Rosemergy collected supplies for animal companions of homeless people as well as donations to assist with verterinary care.

The Loving Kindness SpiritGroup put feet on their study of "Loving Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness" by Sharon Salzburg by regularly practicing the Loving-Kindness Meditation which engenders compassion for and kindness toward all beings and the whole planet. This practice continues here at Unity Santa Fe every other Tuesday at 6:30 pm and everyone is invited to participate.

Our Winter Projects in 2016-2017

We again participated in providing gifts and clothes for 35 children and their families during the Christmas season. Supplies will be collected through Unity for the Adelante Program which assists homeless and at-risk children and families year 'round.  Thanks to Kelly Steenhoven and Janet McCanna for spearheading this project and to their team of angels. Special thanks to Tim and Cierra Schreck for shopping and wrapping gifts for several of our "Angels."

Guardians of Being Project 2016-2017

Our Guardians of Being Pet Ministry is conducting an ongoing drive for donations of food and supplies for the Santa Fe Humane Society Animal Shelter.

The Peanut Butter Caper 2017

This is an on-going campaign to collect 15 or 18 oz. jars of peanut butter to help Feeding Santa Fe add important nutritional value to the bags of groceries they distribute each Thursday morning to families, individuals and those facing food insecurity. Thank you to Karon Hanrahan for spearheading this project, helping us raise our awareness of hunger in our community, and giving people a way to join the effort to alleviate hunger.

Socktober 2017

La Familia Medical Center's Health Care for the Homeless Sock Drive. During the month of October, Unity Santa Fe is collecting donations of newer clean men's and women's socks or new white tube socks for La Familia to distribute to their homeless clients. This has become an annual event at Unity Santa Fe.

Guiding Principles

  • From our hearts and with unconditional faith we step forth in divine action.
  • Who we are while performing our sacred social action is an important as how we perform our humanitarian and compassionate action.
  • All those involved in the giving and the receiving of sacred social action feel fully supported, nourished and inspired.
  • We remain open to Spirit’s guidance to discern what sacred social action is ours to do both in our Santa Fe community and in our larger global family.